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We Selling You An Original Old Formula Nexxus Aloe Rid 5.0 fluid oz which is vary hard to come by. With bar code (05592 16035) With This Auction You Will Get our Business Card so you can call us and w... Read More

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  • We Selling You An Original Old Formula Nexxus Aloe Rid 5.0 fluid oz which is vary hard to come by. With bar code (05592 16035) With This Auction You Will Get our Business Card so you can call us and will provide With PERSONAL ASSISTANCE IF NEEDED. We will answer any questions you may have on how you can use these product in the most effective ways. REMEMBER WE ARE EXPERTS (with more than 20 Years Exp) *****THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE BETTER TO CLEANSE YOUR HAIR****** WHAT YOU WILL GET WITH THIS AUCTION An original formula with the Ingredients Propylene Glycol we high lighted In red to prove this is the correct oneZydot Ultra Clean Hair Purifying TreatmentYou will receive our Proprietary step by step directions on how to benefit with the Nexxus Aloe Rid for optimal resultsYou Will Get Our Phone # For Technical support For Personal Assistance To Answer Any Questions You Might Have. "We been selling this product Now for over 20 years --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WARNING Do Not Buy The Nexxus Aloe Rid Mentioned Below from ebay or websites like Testclear It Will Not Work Nexxus Aloe Rid 5.1 oz / It Must Be 5.0 oz (This Is Crucial 5.1 oz is new formula it will not work for you and they have the same barcode) Do Not Buy The Nexxus Aloe Rid Treatment Deep Clarifying Solution it will not work for you Do Not Buy The Nexxus Aloe Rid That are in clear bottles from websites like Testclear or on Ebay, Do Not Buy The Nexxus Aloe Rid If the writing on the bottle is in green script This is not the original formula AGAIN PLEASE BE CAREFUL:If it is not in the original Nexxus bottle with barcode (05592 16035) that says 5.0 oz on it you're wasting your time and money. This only way you can prove that it is the original formula with the correct ingredients is if the size bottle says 5.0 oz not the 5.1 oz since nexxus never change the barcode and they did change the ingredients the only way to tell them apart is by looking at the size Now to recap nexxus 5.0 oz is the old formula that uses propylene glycol that is the one we are selling here.. And the new formula that is 5.1 oz does not have propylene glycol and some other crucial ingredients do not rely solely on barcode since the old formula and new formula use the same barcode there is only 1 ways to guarantee that you have the old formula since nexxus use the same barcode for both old and new formulais if you see the bottle says 5.0 oz in front not 5.1 oz. Or look in back of ingredients and if you see propylene glycol then you know that is the correct formula that is need for you to remove toxins from your hair. Since most customers don't understand the difference from old formula and new formula sites are taking advantage of customers that are not knowledgeable.. We hope that this helps some customers to better understand the difference. The only way to guarantee it is the correct one is buy getting it in the original 5.0 oz bottle like we are selling in this auction. This Information is not on most web sites because they don't have the correct one needed or there not experts and they dont understand the industry there just selling shampoo. Do not risk buying from sites that sell Aloe Rid in clear generic bottle , there is no way to guarantee that what they are selling is authentic. Also Keep in Mind "IF IT IS EXPENSIVE THEN IT MUST BE REAL" THAT IS BULL... THE MARKET PRICE IS BETWEEN $125 TO $160 IF IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER. IF IT IS IN CLEAR GENERIC BOTTLE AND YOU NO IT IS THE OLD FORMULA, Market Price should be Between $50 an $60 SO FIGURE IT OUT FOR YOUR SELF " We hope that this information helps you recognize the difference If there are any questions or confusion call us 718-989-0900 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHIPPING - United States - All Orders Placed By 3pm East coast will ship out same dayFree shipping - Standard Shipping (USPS First Class Package® 3 to 7 DaysUSPS Priority Mail® $7.00 - 3 to 5 DayFedEx 2Day® $22.00 Only Delivers on Business Days Mon Thru FridayFedEx Priority Overnight® $33.00 Only Delivers on Business Days Mon Thru FridayIF Saturday Delivery is desired please call us up no later than 3pm on Friday
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    Type: Detox
    Brand: Nexxus
    Gender: Unisex
    Features: Original Old Formula
    MPN: 05592 16035
    Hair Follicle Shampoo: MACUJO Method
    Size Type: 5.0 Fl oz.
    UPC: 6 05592 16035 6