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39 pc Basalt Massage Stones Complete Set Working stones, toe, trigger, FREE S&H

Trigger, Palm, Large, Medium, Toe, Facial, & Sacral

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Location: Broussard, Louisiana

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39 Piece Complete Set Hand Sorted Black Basalt Hot Stone Massage Rocks - FREE SHIPPING!For Professional Hot Stone Massage sessions, pedicures, and Salon and Spa use. 3 Sets in 1 : Includes working, pl... Read More

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  • 39 Piece Complete Set Hand Sorted Black Basalt Hot Stone Massage Rocks - FREE SHIPPING!For Professional Hot Stone Massage sessions, pedicures, and Salon and Spa use. 3 Sets in 1 : Includes working, placement, and specialty stones for massage and effleurage.Stones are shipped un-oiled: They arrive gray-ish and will not turn "black" until you oil them.Includes a FREE 1 page Stone Therapy Starter Guide: a Massage King exclusive that covers the benefits of hot stone massage, general techniques, and how to get started.These stones are imported from the beaches of Central and South American and are sold in their NATURAL state. (not pre-oiled for hyper-allergenic safety). From Massage King, online retailer of Massage Therapy Equipment for over 14 years!This set includes: 8 Toe stones, paired and bagged separately.4 Facial Stones bagged separately.2 Palm Stones paired and bagged separately, ergonomically shaped so you can wrap your clients hands and fingers around them, similar in size for balance.2 Trigger Stones: bagged separately, medium 2-3 inch size for trigger points or deep tissue work.8 of 1 - 2 inch stones: Small working stones ranging from 1 inch to 2 inches in size. Guaranteed to have a least 1 flat side to be used for placement as spinal alignment and small contour points on the body.8 of 2 - 3 inch stones: Medium working & placement stones generally ranging from 2 inches to 3 inches in size. Used for working effleurage, placement, and release.6 of 3 - 4 inch stones: Large working stones ranging from 3 to 4 inches in size. Used for back and thighs, and on the belly.1 of 4 - 5 inch Sacral Stone: Extra large stone for placement on the back, belly, or thigh.PLUS 8 FREE small .5 to 1.5 inch stones as additional facial or replacement toe stones: not shown in the picture. Please know that:We group our stones in "ranges", meaning for instance the "medium" stones will feature some smaller + some larger stones within the given size range, so you might have a few stones closer to the 2 inch size and a few stones closer to the 3 inch size. THIS IS TRUE FOR ALL 3 SIZES.Natural, real basalt stones. Meaning, like with ALL natural items, there will be some variation, some inclusions, some color variation. We guarantee all stones to have at least one, if not both, sides smooth to the touch (no jagged edges, no scratching, etc) and at least 1 flat side (except palm and trigger stones which need to be rounded)If you want a set with more specialty stones, please see one of our other auctions. Here is what you need to know before buying: This set features our NATURAL basalt stones that are slightly imperfect but every bit real basalt stones; read below. This starter set of stones features rocks that are hand washed, and culled and sorted for size. Real NATURAL stones! NOT hand polished, not sealed with a chemical to make them glossy, not all uniform size and shape, not ground down by someone to be miraculously all the same size and shape. They will be GREY in color when they arrive, and will not become dark like in the picture until AFTER you oil them. Most always, many of the rocks in this set are "perfect" in either size, shape, or texture, but not all 3. For instance, may contain a perfect stone in size and shape, but the texture is not as uniform or the color not as dark as in our more expensive sets. This set does have some variation in it because these are real, natural stones: no two sets will be exactly alike. Each stone is hand picked and examined in a 4 step process, not just randomly scooped. --> Because these are natural stones, there will be some variation in color and shape and appearance and may have some inclusions,lines, tiny holes, or cracks. -->These rocks are guaranteed to be smooth on at least 1 side so that the skin/body part to be worked is not scratched, scuffed, or scraped. They do not have any sharp or jagged edges on the client side, if you closed your eyes you probably could not tell the difference. However, the "other" side, (the side away from the client) may have more noticeable imperfections. Again, the client will not be able to tell the difference. -->Not as "perfect" as our more expensive set sold here on our MassageKing website, but are still smooth to the touch on at least 1 (if not all) sides, they still hold heat very well, and make a great starting set. Some of these rocks will be "perfect" except for not being as "dark" when oiled as our other more expensive sets. This is the set for you if you want to have natural stones, not the "perfect" man made "stones" that are actually soft rock similar to a soap stone that is shaped by workers getting paid pennies, and is then polished with a lacquer, varnish, or polyeurethane. What's that? You don't know what I mean? There are sets out there of "perfect" shaped rocks, but these are not real basalt hot stones. In fact, if you break through the finished surface, it's actually soft enough to scratch with your fingernail. DON"T BE FOOLED by these other sets. OUR stones are REAL basalt stones valued for their heat retaining properties. NOTE: the rocks in the picture are oiled to show an example of how typical basalt stones look AFTER you oil them with your favorite massage oil. This is a representative picture only, as ALL true stones are "made by nature" your stones will most probably not look exactly like these. NOTE: We ship them UN-oiled because we do not know if any of your clients will have allergies to a specific oil. For more info, feel free to contact us with questions or review the information on our website to help answer any questions you may have. We sell all kinds of hot stones for massage therapy! Check out our other listings. Visit My eBay Store: Massage King Massage Table SuppliesOR: check us on our website: Massage King. We are easy to find! Thanks for Bidding.Copyright© MassageKing - All Rights Reserved. Auction Terms - Please Read We follow these policies. You should be informed of them. By bidding on this auction you are agreeing to pay for the item(s) you may win. Since this is our business, we take it very seriously. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we have established sales and shipping policies. These make the process of getting your stuff to you more efficient. Why are we so strict about this? We sell a lot of stuff. We have a system that works well. We know what kinds of situations don't work well with our system. Those sales almost universally result in unhappy customers. We try to avoid unhappy customers. We follow these policies and we want you to be informed. SHIPPING POLICIES Shipping and Handling: $FREE to the 50 United States including Hawaii and Alaska Also available to ship via the ebay Global Shipping Program, see details on shipping tab. General Policies We quote a typical 7-10 business days after payment has CLEARED for delivery. Items ship from warehouses across the country, depending on inventory levels. This item typically ships via USPS (Postal Service) Damaged items must be reported within 3 business days of receiving item. Because of the extra hassle involved, we unfortunately can not use third party shipping accounts. Also, these items ships from a distribution center. For insurance reasons, your item cannot be picked up. Stone sets are made per order, meaning each set is made by hand after we receive the order. No two sets are exactly alike. Depending on order volume your set will ship out in 1 to 3 business days after you have paid for the order, and (according to the post office for United States deliveries) should arrive 3 to 5 days later. PAYMENT OPTIONS Visa MasterCard American Express Discover PayPal - SHIPPING QUOTES This item ships in the continental 50 US states for shipping quoted in shipping and handling, including to consignment companies inside this region. International Shipping is provided via the ebay Global Shipping Program International shipping quotes do not include duties or taxes, this is the responsibility of the bidder. RETURNS & DAMAGED PRODUCTS If you are not happy with your stones, you can return them! However we would prefer if instead you let us know and we can ship out replacement stones for the ones deemed unacceptable. We have a very high satisfaction rate however we as humans do occasionally make a mistake and one slips by us :-). Defective products or those damaged during shipping will be replaced or repaired at our option. Please contact us to arrange replacement. TRACKING NUMBERS Will be provided in Paypal. Your shipping label will be printed directly from Paypal so be sure you Paypal shipping information is correct. SALES TAX Depends on SHIPPING ADDRESS We must charge in CA and LA Everywhere else -- no tax. We are required by LAW to charge sales tax to customers whose shipping address is in California or Louisiana. Please add sales tax in California (7.25 %) or Louisiana outside Lafayette parish (4.00 %). Inside Lafayette Parish, Louisiana (8.50 %). 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In fact, even those items (if any) that might be represented or sold as an LLFitness owned brand such as MassageKing brand are either manufactured by someone else for us or are truly another brand that, due to price or advertising restrictions, we may be selling without naming the brand in order to be able to offer you our customer a lower retail price. Hence, ALL product claims and warranties are those of the manufacturer of the item, and any liabilities or issues rests solely with them. LLFitness Inc. dba MassageKing-inc makes no claims or warranties and accepts no liabilities with regards to any aspect of any of the items we sell including proper use, implied or physical performance, physical composition, construction, workmanship, or lack or failure thereof. Again, those are made and handled by the manufacturer. 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