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TESTRO-X, Best All Natural Testosterone Booster for Men - 90 ct

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Is Natural Testosterone Optimization Really The Hottest New Health Breakthrough For Men? Discover the ultimate, all-natural blend of nutrients scientifically proven to support healthy testosterone pro... Read More

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  • Is Natural Testosterone Optimization Really The Hottest New Health Breakthrough For Men? Discover the ultimate, all-natural blend of nutrients scientifically proven to support healthy testosterone production, reduce stress, improve recovery and muscle growth, and increase sex drive. Introducing Testro-X Testro-X is Truth Nutraceuticals' 100% all-natural formula for boosting testosterone and proper hormonal functioning developed by Duke neuroscience grad Christopher Walker, through his decade of independent research in the field of men's health & natural testosterone production. It’s a breakthrough in hormonal health, delivered through a blend of natural herbs and nutrients designed to increase levels of the most important masculinity hormone: testosterone. HEALTHY HORMONAL BALANCE, REDUCED STRESS, AND RESTORED MASCULINE POWER Supports Muscle Growth And Sex Drive Supports High-Quality Sleep And Recovery Boosts Energy During The Day Supports Masculinity And Assertiveness Convenient Easy-To-Take Pill Form The New Masculinity Nutrients Based On Scientific Breakthroughs Over the past few decades, men have seen a rapid decline in testosterone levels due to nutritionally lacking food, environmental contaminants, and stressfully living conditions. Since this important male hormone controls everything from confidence and recovery, to sex drive and muscle growth, men everywhere have been living with a lower quality of life and reduced health. But it goes beyond that... Your masculinity is literally getting destroyed by the feminizing chemicals and stressors of modern life, and you're likely not doing anything to fight back. You owe it to yourself to re-take control of your masculinity once again. Testosterone Is Key To Living Your Life To The Fullest And Being The Best Man You Can Be. Restoring your natural production in a healthy way is the only way reap all the numerous benefits without experience negative side effects or long-term problems. Here are just a few of the many benefits of increasing your natural testosterone levels: Testosterone Is The Coveted Male "Youth Hormone" That All Men Want More Of.† There's just one small problem - testosterone production usually declines with age. In fact, average testosterone levels have been dropping more than normal over the last several decades... Travison, TG, AB Araujo, AB O’Donnell, V Kupelian, JB McKinlay. 2007. A population-level decline in serum testosterone levels in American men. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 92:196–202. [1] The Simple Fact Is: You Have Less Testosterone Than Your Father, And That's A HUGE Problem. And because testosterone is so powerful at increasing men’s performance and quality of life, in response to this decline in production, we often hear about things in the media like testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and illegal steroid use. The problem with these approaches is that they add external hormones to your body, shutting down your own production and destroying your body’s ability to function on its own. That’s where Testro-X is changing the game. Designed specifically to work WITH your body to powerfully increase your own natural production, Testro-X has no negative side effects and works by increasing your own natural state of health.† So What Exactly Is In Testro-X? Testro-X is made of the top nine clinically-effective ingredients in their most bio-available form, all 100% natural and backed by science. The 'mainstream' media will never tell you this, but there are a handful of organic herbs and minerals that actually have a mountain of peer-reviewed, double-blind placebo-tested clinical trials done on them, all in studies run by amazing, accredited, envelop-pushing scientists. The big pharmaceutical companies know there's no money in teaching people how to naturally help themselves, as they'd much rather have you addicted to - and reliant upon - their drugs for the rest of your life. That's why we've dug through the research for you and have found the most highly-effective (though little-known) all-natural ingredients for boosting testosterone. We divided these ingredients into three main blends, each with a specific purpose for increasing testosterone. Finally, we added one last ingredient to help your body fully absorb all three blends so your body is actually using everything listed on the bottle. 1.) The Micronutrient Activation Blend This blend contains specific forms of 3 critical micronutrients that increase testosterone and its effectiveness in the body: Zinc Gluconate - Zinc is the most important mineral for testosterone production, and supplementation has been shown to increase total testosterone, free testosterone, DHT (a powerful testosterone metabolite), luteinizing hormone (called LH, this is responsible for signaling testosterone production), and protect the androgen receptor (crucial for testosterone in the blood to have an effect on your body). The zinc gluconate form found in Tetro-X is the highest quality form with the lowest levels of harmful heavy metals.† [1,2,3,4,5] Magnesium Citrate - Magnesium supplementation increases the effects of testosterone in the blood by reducing sex-hormone binding globulin (which inactivates testosterone), and has been shown to increase free and total testosterone levels in many studies. The magnesium citrate form found in Testro-X is the most well-absorbed form of magnesium and is easy on your stomach.† [6,7,8,9,10] Boron Citrate - Boron is a less-known mineral that when supplemented in higher-than-normal doses has been shown to increase free-testosterone by 28%, reduce estrogen by 39%, and increase DHT by 10%.† [11,12,13] All 3 of these combined create a triad of natural testosterone-boosting power. 2.) The Stress Reduction Blend Stress has a dramatic lowering effect on testosterone levels and activates the enzyme responsible for turning testosterone into estrogen. This blend is designed to decrease the stress hormones, protecting your increased testosterone levels, and helping to boost them further.† Organic Ashwagandha (KSM-66) - This powerful indian herb has been used for ages to reduce stress and increase healing. In the research, ashwagandha has been shown to powerfully reduce cortisol levels, increase testosterone levels, increase sperm quality, and reduce feelings of stress.† [14,15,16] Forskohlii Root Extract - This is another potent herb, used for ages due to its healing and stimulating properties. Forskohlii exerts its effects through a molecule in cells called “cAMP”, increasing their energy production and function. Since cAMP has a stimulatory effect on both testosterone production and the androgen receptor, it’s no surprise that research around forskohlii has shown that it’s effective for increasing testosterone, up to 33%.† [17,18,19,20] 3.) The LH Surge Blend In order for testosterone to be produced, your body needs two hormones, “gonadotropin-release hormone” (GnRH) and luteinizing hormone (LH), to first be made. That’s where this LH Surge Blend comes in. Included are three specific ingredients that help to increase GnRH, which signals increased LH, which signals higher testosterone production: Inositol - Inositol is a natural precursor of GnRH, and helps to signal its production† [21] L-theanine - This calming amino acid triggers GABA neurons in the brain, stimulating the release of GnRH† [22] L-glycine - Another calming amino acid that shuts down stress hormones and increases the pulsatile release of GnRH† [23] The Absorption Factor What's the use of taking all of these ingredients if your body can't actually absorb them? To help with this, we added a compound called Bioperine®, a patented extract of the black pepper fruit, which actively increases the absorption of all of these nutrients in the digestive tract, ensuring you're getting exactly what we list on the bottle with every serving of Testro-X.† [25,26] Our 100% Risk-Free "It Works Or It's Free" 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee At Truth Nutra, we believe in only producing the highest quality products, with ingredients based on proven science and real clinical trials, that actually provide real results. Our quality standard starts with the science and is carried out through the development and to the formulation, all so we can give you something that really works. We’re so confident in our products that every purchase comes with a 60-day, hassle-free, “it works or it’s free” money-back guarantee. I invite you to go ahead and give this a try today. If you don’t love it or if you’re not experiencing the results you want, simply contact our and we’ll happily refund every penny of your purchase. All the risk is ours, and your purchase is always 100% guaranteed.
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